Marquee Hire and Event management


Event Management

The Mercia Marquee Events Team have a wealth of experience in planning, promoting and delivering top quality fund raising events for local sports clubs. If your club is just considering holding a marquee based event at your club, call us we offer a full events management service designed to enable you to focus on the key requirement which is to raise funds for your Club/charitable cause. From Sporting Dinners to Summer Balls, we have the package to support you in delivering a sustainable top quality event which will become the focal point for your Annual Fund Raising activity.

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Business Reward or Team Building Events

Looking for a Great Venue to hold an Employee Reward or Team Building Event, look no further. With seven acres of sports ground as a backdrop to a magnificent marquee, what more could you need. We have contacts with all forms of Corporate Event companies who work closely with the Mercia Events team to ensure we collectively deliver a memorable day for you and your business. Mid week dates available with a range of activities and evening entertainment provided.

Tamworth has a range of local hotels capable of providing accommodation for any event and we have a venue capable of making the event unique and  memorable at a fraction of the cost of a hotel based corporate event. If you are considering an event of this nature, contact us to discuss how just we can deliver quality and value.

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Sportsman’s Dinners – Planning and Preparation

We have planned and delivered numerous Sportsman’s Dinner and as always the devil is in the detail. We will share our experience and support you in delivering a fund raising event which will add a valuable source of income to your club.

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